The Creative Economy Week is a work-festival promoting the development of creative industries in Brunei.


    It features a curated series of workshops, organised two local startups, The Creative Core BN and InTurn, whilst also working alongside private and public stakeholders as well as regional organisations.


    The event serves as a hyper-collaborative industry carousel, where professionals, entrepreneurs and artists all engage in an exchange of insight, showcasing the ways in which creativity plays an active role in different lines of work across industries, beyond the arts.


    It brings together a wide range of professionals of creative and non-creative backgrounds ranging from graphic illustrators to engineers, architects to product developers.


    To better understand the nature of creative industries in Brunei and identify areas that present opportunities for development or support.

    To provide a safe space for companies within the creative industries to discuss issues and explore solutions surrounding the local & regional landscape.

    To create pipelines for creative practitioners to access new markets and find alternative career pathways.


    The Creative Core BN

    The Creative Core BN is a purpose-driven business that focuses on building conversation around Art through offline events and online platforms. With a mission is to educate and upskill artists they produce collaborative art events and showcase opportunities through partnerships with fellow creatives, and the public and private sector.

    InTurn Co.

    InTurn Co. builds pipelines that connect education to careers. By working with Industry entities, Government and the public in a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model, InTurn creates experiential learning programs to help prepare the community for the unpredictable future of work.


    Initiatives include:

    The STEAM Challenge

    Creative Economy Week

    InTurn Travel

    Techstars Startup Weekend Brunei

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