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    The Creative Economy encompasses the creative industries* alongside trade, labour and production. In this day and age, the creative industries is one of the most dynamic sectors in the world economy. Sitting at the intersection of human creativity and ideas, knowledge and technology, the effective development of the creative economy results in both commercial and cultural value. Its ability to bring about sociocultural development in a nation sets itself apart.


    *Creative Industries include: advertising, architecture, arts and crafts, design, fashion, film, video, photography, music, performing arts, publishing, research & development, software, computer games, electronic publishing, and TV/radio

    [Source: UNTAD]


    Learn more about The Creative Economy (below)

  • The Future Of Human Work Is Imagination, Creativity, And Strategy


    US$228 BILLION

    Total export value of creative goods & services from Asia alone (China & East Asia).

    US$743 BILLION

    Revenue of the creative economy in Asia Pacific, placing us as the largest, globally.

    12.7 MILLION

    Number of jobs created within the creative economy is Asia Pacific, making up 43% of the global total.


    Number of companies in Brunei that provide creative services


    Job positions to be filled within the creative industries in Brunei.


    Percentage of revenue generated in the field of Visual Arts, which is the largest sector in the AP creative economy.


    Facilitated by industry experts, our workshops are immersive and practical.

    Whether you're a novice or a seasoned professional, there is something for you!


    CREABILITY MOVEMENT by Ketemu Project

    8th - 9th August 2019

    A 2-day workshop designed to assist curators, artists and art managers wishing to undertake inclusive art projects by providing them with ideas, resources and skills to design projects that engage artists and people with disabilities. [Max. 10 participants]


    Pre-requisites: Participants should have an art & design background.


    10th August 2019

    Whether you are a creative or someone looking to spice up your company's marketing campaign, you'll learn different methods in using AR effects in your work. This 2-hr augmented reality workshop will take you through practical technique in AR creation, highlighting the value of human-centred design. [Max. 35 participants]


    No pre-requisites.


    2nd - 8th September 2019

    What would we get if we tasked a biologist, sound engineer, writer and landscape artist to work together to solve Brunei’s waste management issues? The lab is an 8-day interdisciplinary co-creation lab to encourage and showcase the value of cross-sectional collaboration. This style of a creation process forces creators to look outside of their own field, pushing them to alter their usual creative processes and challenge them to work with new elements that may be outside of their expertise.


    Each team’s creative work will be guided by one of the following themes: i) Natural Environment, ii) Culture & Identity, iii) Urban Space and Planning, and iv) Health & Social Welfare. All works created will be asked to address at least one of the 17 the UN Sustainable Development Goals in a showcase at the tail end of the Lab. [Max 15 participants]


    There is a selection process for this program. Please complete the application form.


    a Design Sprint is a time-constrained, five-phase process that uses design thinking with the aim of reducing the risk when bringing a new product, service or a feature to the market.

    UI / UX Sprint

    3rd August 2019, Saturday @ 9.30am - 12.00pm | 1.30pm - 4.00pm

    This exclusive sprint will be held prior to Creative Economy Week, in conjunction with Hari Belia Kebangsaan, held by Ministry of Culture Youth & Sports. at ICC, Berakas.


    How will it work?

    Participants will have 2 hours to complete a website or app according to a brief they will be given on the day.


    2 cycles of 10 people each

    First Cycle: 10.00am - 12.00pm

    Second Cycle: 2.00pm - 4.00pm


    Participant slots are limited to 20 only. Sign up now!




    Prizes will be presented on the final day of Creative Economy Week by the Minister of Culture, Youth & Sports.


    *participants will be required to bring their own laptops

    CGI Sprint

    3rd August 2019, Saturday - 7th August 2019, Wednesday

    This exclusive sprint will be held prior to Creative Economy Week, in conjunction with Hari Belia Kebangsaan, held by Ministry of Culture Youth & Sports. at ICC, Berakas. An online video competition to find a video with with the best use of CGI or Chroma Key.


    How will it work?

    Following your online registration, a theme and brief will be sent to you via email on the 3rd of August. You will then have 4 days to complete and submit a 1-minute video incorporating CGI!


    Open to the first 25 submissions.




    Prizes will be presented on the final day of Creative Economy Week by the Minister of Culture, Youth & Sports.


    *participants will be required to bring their own laptops

    Interior Design Sprint

    5th August 2019, Monday @ 7.00pm onwards

    Ever walked into a room and thought to yourself, " hmm, if it were up to me, I'd pick a different wall paint." or "that couch would go really well by that coffee table" ? It's time to put your I.D skills to the test!

    How will it work?

    Work in teams to re-design a space. You will be required to sketch up a plan and propose it to a panel of judges.


    When the timer sets off, each team will be given a brief to work from. Participants will have a limited amount of time to draft up a plan. Watch out for last minute demands and changes!


    Participant slots are limited*


    *participants will be required to bring their own laptops

    Graphic Design Sprint

    6th August 2019, Tuesday @ 7.00pm onwards

    1 vs 1 sprints to design and illustrate a subject picked at random. It's time to put your digital design skills to the test! Last man standing wins.


    How will it work?

    There will be 3 rounds of 1 vs 1 design sprints each with a different theme and objective, increasing in complexity with each passing round. Successful candidates who meet the brief within a given time will proceed to the next round.


    OPENING ROUND: working time of 10 minutes each | 1 vs 1

    QUALIFYING ROUND: working time of 15 minutes each | 1 vs 1

    FINALS: working time of 20 minutes | 1 vs 1


    Participant slots are limited *





    *participants will be required to bring their own laptops


    Immerse yourself in the activities and conversations around the role of creativity.

    Talk About It. Let's! [C.E.W Exclusive]

    9th August 2019, Friday @ 7.45pm

    Talk About It. Let's! is an informal and intimate round table chat set around a dinner table. Whilst the speakers will be pre-selected, you have a chance to join in on the conversation as an OBSERVER. Observers sit outside the circle with an opportunity to ask or comment on the discussions at hand. This exclusive edition will double up as a networking event. Dinner & Drinks are included.

    Experience Art

    10th August 2019, Saturday @ 10.00am - 8.00pm [Exhibition Day]

    An interactive art experience presented by local and regional creatives. The exhibition will feature an AR and VR experience by Asia's first creative innovation lab, Meshminds, along with other local works.

    Get the all-access exhibition pass to gain entry to all public activities on Exhibition Day.

    C.E.W Forum

    10th August 2019, Saturday @ 3.45pm - 5.00pm [Exhibition Day]

    This forum will bring the Creative Economy Week to a close. The forum will see both local and regional panelists from various backgrounds, including the private and public sectors. The discussion will fall around 3 main topics, i) the current landscape of the creative economy in Asia Pacific, ii) what creativity looks like outside of the Arts, iii) tri-sector collaboration.
    Get the all-access exhibition pass to gain entry to all public activities on Exhibition Day.


    We work with people who do amazing things for their communities.


    From universities to NGO's, gig-workers to corporate entities, our community is passionate and their impact is wide-reaching.


    Read more about their work:

    Ketemu Project


    Ketemu Project is made up of artists, cultural managers, designers, educators and curators, focused on developing socially conscious interactions in art. https://ketemu.org



    MeshMinds, a UN Partner, is a leading creative technology studio and provider of impactful, immersive and engaging experiences. https://www.meshminds.com/studio

    And more...


    we'd love to hear from you!




    Creativity is the innate human ability to generate ideas, solve difficult problems, and exploit new opportunities. It is the fuel for innovation today and in the years ahead.​



    Why Is Creative Work So Hard to Achieve?


    Work used to be driven by efficiency. The process was intentionally linear and divided into parts in which people could specialize. But the problems we face today are so much more complex, they require creative thinking and a very different work process in which people and ideas diverge, converge, and iterate.



    So, what skills will people require to thrive in the new economy?


    The most in-demand skills in the imagination economy will be soft skills, which are a lot more difficult for machines to master. These skills include managing others, oral and written communication and applying expertise.


    Jobs of the future will also require more social and emotional skills as well as critical thinking, creativity and collaboration.


    • According to a research conducted by the Foundation for Young Australians, jobs of the future will require workers with 70% more transferable and non-industry specific soft skills.
    • Another report by McKinsey Global Institute, published in November 2017, states that by 2030, up to 14% of the global workforce (between 75 and 375 million workers) will have to retrain and learn new skills that will allow them to adapt to the new jobs that will emerge due to automation.


    Yet another report by the World Economic Forum reports that more than half of the jobs that will be done by students who are currently in elementary school have not been invented yet.



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